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Avast Software s.r.o. is a Czech multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic that researches and develops computer security software, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Avast has more than 435 million monthly active users and the second largest market share among anti-malware application vendors worldwide as of April 2020.

Hugo of Wylie, Tx mentioned: "I purchased the Avast VPN 1 year and 3 months ago. It worked just fine until a few days ago. The program completely stopped working. I started a service ticket through their support. Then the nightmare began. Their support is slow to the point of being almost non-responsive. 2 days later they sent an email telling me to reinstall the program. I followed their instructions, but nothing worked. Another 2 days passed, more instructions, but still the program will not work on my computer. Support has not responded to my last email reply 1 day ago. I asked for a refund, even a partial one would do, but I'm past the 30 days after renewal so I'm out of luck. I'm out $150 total with nothing to show for it. They did offer to possibly move me to one of their other products, but based on their support, it would be nuts to try something else. Based on my experience and their poor customer support and service, I cannot recommend any Avast product. Buyer Beware."


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Sales Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Definitely the worst employment decision i have ever made. They are unorganized and really have no idea what they are doing from a business to business direct sales standpoint.Unlimited PTONo communication from management"

Manager of Infrastructure and Cloud Services (Current Employee) says

"Avast is a great company with an outstanding future. Avast (a CZ company) recently purchased AVG (a US company). I was/am an AVG employee. The new combined company desires to have their employees to be in CZ. There are large lay-offs coming of mostly folks not working in CZ.Great company, great futureCZ based"

Maria says

"Legit a scam/a virus itself. It somehow interacts with your browsers and makes them work slower to the point of pages not loading. This happened on both of my computers, once uninstalled my browsers went back to working as usual. Not to mention the consistent scam pop-up notifications that say "You're being watched/Someone tried to track you/All your data is exposed", however when you click on any of them and try to fix them they all eventually lead to the point of you having to pay to fix them with no other way. Nobody should use this "antivirus"software."

Kirsty Dee says

"I paid for Avast security for my new desktop 12 months ago. At first it was great to perform the scans prior to the workday, but I have noticed in the past 3 months my computer slowing down at around 60 percent and popups from Avast stating " computer slowing down ? " and " you're not imagining it, upgrade now ". Due to them slowing down my internet service and intervening to make more money from me, I am not renewing my payments and going to a more honest company. it's a shame for their business they have to stoop to this system as they are burning repeat business. And, no avast, I don't want to discuss, investigate or for you to know more. You know you do this."

Customer says

"BEWARE I paid for a subscription for £34.99 a year ago. Hardly used it and thought no more of it. Few days ago I receive an email telling me they have renewed my subscription 3 days early for £75. Order 88073671300 I try to go through the cancellation process, however these pages conveniently crash. I contact PayPal to block the payment. State all reasons why. However they tell me this purchase is ineligible for PayPal Purchase Protection according to our User Agreement. I again try to contact Avast, the page just crashes saying server error. The software is still on their site for £34.99, however rebill me at £75. Unless you like being ripped off, I would stay well away."

Damilola Odiye says

"Hello Team Avast, Still awake 2am Nigerian time as I was debited $49.99. I subscribed for the free trail in November and was debited in January. I never used the trail. Please I have cancelled the subscription and request a refund. The reason I am sending this message here is because I have gone through your review page and realize that you do not have a great refund habit hence the reason I'm putting this here. I really do not want to cry over this. I haven't used or downloaded the product before cancelling. I really hope my story will be different so you'll have a fabulous review. Thank you"

michael J says

"over the last year the number of pop-ups and offers have created constant "noise" on my computer. getting more and more invasive with popups and selling"

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